OEM PCB Kemaolong processing factory specializes in batch size PCB board processing business, as well as the fast PCB model proofing urgent, specializing in the production of high density and high precision single and double side and up to 32 layers of rigid and soft PCB board PCB board, and provide solutions to PCB production process, to provide circuit board production service and strong technical support for customers.
Kemaolong ODM service with first-class R & D team, rich technical reserves and production experience to provide rapid development and product service for you, to ensure product quality and cheap, prospective tracking system mature can keep synchronized manner with you to reduce the technical risk coefficient and improve market accuracy, strict quality and technical agreement the protection of intellectual property rights system to solve the technical aspects of the menace from the rear for you.
At present, our OEM/ODM processing services involve products mainly include:
Instruments and Apparatuses:
The high frequency signal generator, power signal generator, frequency signal generator, high-frequency signal generator, high precision instrument copy board, digital frequency meter, analog frequency meter counter, counter spreading device, time measuring instrument, special counter, frequency standard, frequency calibration phase comparator, network performance tester, analysis of radar network comprehensive test instrument, microwave power amplifier, microwave devices, microwave attenuator, microwave filter, communication instrument...
Tongxun class:
Smart phone, PCB board, GSM mobile phone, CDMA mobile phone, wireless module, GPS locator, cable TV set top box, ground broadcasting set top box, satellite broadcast set-top box...
Network class:
Server motherboard, motherboard switches, wireless router, eight video cards, VPN devices, wireless Internet, telephone network, VOIP gateway, high-end computer motherboard board, high-end network router fiber network switch board, wireless base station and terminal product motherboard, SDHPCB copy board, DWDMPCB copy board, LAN SWITCH, ADSLPCB, high-end computing equipment fiber board, network routing, copy board, driver board copy board, terminal products, network hard disk, copy board, network camera...
Consumer products:
MP4PCB copy board, digital learning machine, mobile hard disk box, hard disk multimedia playback, portable DVD, game peripherals PCB copy board, multimedia electronic equipment PCB copy board, home theater, car DVD, car TVPCB, USB control board, copy board, digital camera PCB copy board
Industrial control:
Security monitoring equipment, computer motherboard, motherboard, UPS, power industry PCB industrial control board copy board, control board, embroidery machine cutting image monitor, control panel, SMT industrial control board, control board machine, inverter, industrial control switch power supply, industrial boiler conductivity controller, industrial control microcomputer, electromagnetic heating control cabinet, general engraving machine.