The age of prosperity has an independent PCBA factory in Shenzhen, and has the ability to independently complete PCB production and PCBA processing on the basis of already designed PCB documents. In addition, to provide customers with plug-ins, patches (DIP, SMD/SMT) welding services, the current welding of 0201, CSP, BGA and other micro, high-density packaging components.
We have a master, familiar with welding characteristics and assembly of electronic components packaging assembly process, the level of excellent business PCBA process engineers, they are familiar with the PCBA welding process, familiar with PCBA process, familiar with SMT basic technology, technical demands of proficient in SMT production line of the key process, have rich experience to solve all kinds of problems appeared in the PCBA production process, familiar with all kinds of electronic components identification, on DFM, ROHS technology has some research, basically to ensure that PCBA pass rate.
We have excellent welding selectivity, and has advanced equipment, in conditions of transmission system is not high, the implementation of highly flexible circuit assembly, welding, welding technology can be said to provide a new space, in order to ensure the good welding quality under the premise, can be very good to meet customer needs yield. We will provide you with the most favorable price, better service, to provide you with the most satisfactory program.
SMT process capability:
Our quality objectives:
1., finished sampling inspection, passing rate of 97%
2., the factory pass rate of 100%
3. customer satisfaction: more than 95%
Our quality commitment:
Guarantee quality, quantity, delivery time and service.