Automatic soft plate / film punching machine FED-08Q1

source:Kemaolong electron time:2017-05-15 23:07
自动融变时限仪PCB抄板及仿制案例In the field of Kemaolong PCB copy board, as the originator of PCB copy board industry, in the early research and technology research focused mainly in the establishment of a strong technical strength of the professional copy board team in the industry, first proposed to work in the electronic information industry technology progress, business cooperation with various means of reverse idea from technology research. And the first to use intelligent PCB copy board software analysis and product technology development of imitation, has to rely on 23 years of special research team in the study of the PCB copy board closed for many years, involving almost all electronic products have PCB circuit board, especially with years of experience on the copy board of high precision special circuit board and multilayer PCB, on complex PCB plate structure containing laser hole, blind hole, buried hole and understand the alignment of the rules is more superior.
Technical index:
1, punching diameter Phi 5mm 1
2, the monitor comes with 15 inches
3, identifying the diameter of the circle Phi 1 - Phi 4mm
4, air pressure: 0.4-0.7MPa
5, processing error is less than 0.02mm
6, punching speed of about 0.6 seconds / hole
7 、 power consumption 0.5KW voltage AC200V-240V
8, overall size (L * W * H) 150 * 150 * 142cm
9, net weight 450kg
10, image processing: 2 value comprehensive image processing method.
11, can blunt printing, special printing materials, reflective mirror materials and so on.
12, each person can operate 3-5 sets at the same time.
All kinds of processing materials: soft board, circuit board, PE, PC, film, PVC film, PCB, polyester, film, stickers, film switches (buttons) and other printed materials. Widely used in: electronic, signs, packaging, printing and other industries positioning hole processing. Product features:
Computer XP operating system, user-friendly design, easy to operate, easy to understand.
Set the working mode directly on the touch screen, simple and intuitive;
Special light source identification mode.
Can automatically identify various materials on the circular map, automatic alignment punch.
At work, you can directly watch the punching hole on the 15 inch computer screen.
The computer system can be upgraded and provide you with strong professional technical support. Working size 150mm~620mm
Thickness 0.2mm~4.5mm
Approach speed 0.0M/min~10.0M/min
Drum width 770mm
Width of press wheel 650mm
Anti static Two flashlight
The power is 1 220V
Air pressure 5.0kg/cm2
Mechanical dimension 1100mm*1160mm (W*D*H)
Weight 100kg
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