Communication equipment products

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Communication transmission equipment:
I. communication transmitter
(1) short wave, single sideband transmitter (two), long wave, super long wave transmitter (three), short wave adaptive transmitter (four), other transmitters
Two. Communication receiver
(1) short wave, single sideband receiver (two), long wave and ultra long wave receiver (three) digital receiver;
Three microwave communication equipment
(1) microwave transceiver (two), microwave terminal (three), microwave antenna, feeder (four), other microwave equipment
Four. Satellite application products
(a) satellite communication ground station antenna (two) low noise amplifier satellite communication ground station (three) satellite communication ground station down converter (four) satellite communication ground station of high power amplifier (five) satellite communication terminal (six) satellite remote sensing receiving device (seven) satellite navigation receiving device (eight) the meteorological satellite receiving device (nine) and other satellite ground station antenna
Five scatter communication equipment
(I) scatter communication terminal (two) scatter channel machine (three) scatter communication antenna;
Six, communication, navigation and directional equipment
(1) aircraft communications, navigation and directional equipment (two), navigational, navigational and directional equipment (three), ground communication, navigation and directional equipment
(four) other communications, navigation and directional equipment;
Seven, carrier communication equipment
(1) carrier terminal (two) carrier repeater (three) power carrier;
Eight 、 optical communication equipment
Optical fiber terminal (two), optical fiber relay equipment (three), optical fiber amplifier (four), WDM wavelength division multiplexer (five), cross connection equipment (six), other equipment
Communication switching equipment:
I. switches
(1) SPC exchanges (excluding mobile SPC exchanges)
1, office machines 2, user machines 3, asynchronous transfer mode (ATM) and network (IP) switches 4, and others
(two) telegraph exchange (three) other switches;
Two, user access device
(1) a wireless access device (two), a cable access device (three), an optical fiber access device (four), and an access terminal device
Communication terminal equipment:
First, send and receive a medium and small radio station
Short wave radio (two) ultrashort wave radio (three) short wave frequency hopping radio (four), ultrashort wave frequency hopping radio (five), short wave single sideband radio station (six), other receiving and dispatching radio stations
Two, telephone single machine
(a) ordinary telephone set (two), recording telephone set (three), visual telephone (four), cordless telephone (five), card inserting telephone (six), coin telephone (seven), special telephone (including secret, underground telephone), (eight) other telephones
Three, data communication equipment
(1) facsimile machines (two), digital transmission machines (including mechanical, electronic typewriters), (three) digital packet switches, and PAD (four) others
Four, communication electronic warfare equipment
(1) communication reconnaissance equipment (two), communication direction finding equipment (three), communication interference equipment (four), communication security equipment
Five, communication, navigation, vehicle and communication products
(a) wireless communication vehicle (two) cable communication vehicle (three) communication countermeasure car (four) a power supply device (five) two power equipment (six) network management, billing, monitoring equipment (seven) diesel (eight) microwave communication equipment (nine) telephone equipment (ten) carrier the supporting device (eleven) wiring equipment
Mobile communication equipment:
Telephone, mobile communication system equipment
(1) base station equipment (two), base station antenna (three), repeater equipment (four), switching equipment (five), switch base station equipment (six), and other equipment
Two, wireless paging system equipment
(paging) base station equipment (two) other paging equipment
Mobile communication terminal equipment:
Mobile phone communication terminal
(1) GSM mobile phone (two) CDMA mobile phone;
Two. Other mobile communication terminals
(1) vehicular telephone (two), interphone (three), radio pager (four), PHS
Communication equipment repairs other communication equipment:
I. other communication auxiliary equipment
(I) communication modem (two) communication wiring equipment;
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