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China Shanghai - Chinese international electronic circuit exhibition -2001 March 15th - Orbotech Ltd., is the world's largest Asia Pacific Orbotech branch, is provided for the PCB yield and yield solutions for the world's leading supplier in the exhibition hall N5 booth 5k16, showing the company a variety of innovative solutions to the printed circuit board manufacturing open up a new world.
The global lifestyle of consumers is changing dramatically, and more and more handheld electronic devices, such as smart phones, input boards and electronic readers, have become a necessity. Manufacturers must meet the needs of smaller, faster, cheaper and more functional products in order to succeed. This success depends on the means of production, "Richard CEO PCB Klapholz said Mr. Orbotech department. Orbotech is committed to creating a "new world PCB manufacturing industry. This means that the latest technology breakthroughs in digital production tools, in terms of product quality, price and time to market to meet customer needs. Our goal is to provide reliable solutions for the PCB industry, to develop new standards for the industry, and to accelerate the development of the industry."
In this year's CPCA booth, Orbotech showcase a variety of special requirements of production line with the Asia Pacific products manufacturers. Including new Fusion 22 Orbotech automatic optical inspection (AOI) system, Sprint -100, has the support of fully integrated character printing machine (Universal Access) PerFix automatic optical maintenance function (AOR) system, the Discovery 8200 AOI system and comprehensive and high precision computer by Frontline PCB solution developed by HDI and IC carrier the computer aided manufacture (CAM) system of InCAM products.
The Fusion AOI series
The Fusion has opened a real revolution in the technical field of PCB examination, the examination in the automatic optical Orbotech (AOI) professional again forward. The breakthrough Multi-Image Technology technology Fusion, with a single scan multiple check sheet, at the lowest level of false positives can achieve the detection accuracy of There is nothing comparable to this. Designed for high order HDI board and multilayer board design by Fusion, to achieve the lowest cost per scan for PCB production efficiency redefined.
About Sprint -100 text inkjet machine
Orbotech launched a new Sprint-100 printing machine using the latest inkjet technology, can be in high speed to excellent quality of every kind of carrier plate thickness printed amazing. Sprint-100, which has the highest performance in the industry, can play the ultimate role in the advanced design features of HDI on-board and multilayer PCB high hybrid manufacturing processes.
Paragon -9800 laser direct imaging system
Paragon-9800 laser direct imaging (LDI) of the Orbotech system is a high accuracy and high yield for advanced imaging solutions, HDI board, soft board, hard board and solder mask layer production application. By using Orbotech recognition from the industry Large Scan Optics (LSO) Paragon-9800 technology as the main, for each board can still meet the exact requirements of high alignment in the dynamic image mode, to ensure high yield and low cost. The world has already completed more than 450 sets of Orbotech LDI system.
Paragon -Xpress 9 laser direct imaging system
For a day can be up to 5000 high output circuit board production line designed by Paragon-Xpress LDI 9 laser direct imaging system, application of advanced HDI suitable for large scale production of digital image carrier, soft board, hard board production. A combination of Orbotech affirmed by the industry by Large Scan Optics (LSO) technology with high precision positioning capabilities of Paragon-Xpress 9 automation system, you can achieve non parallel imaging results enhance the yield and production capacity for the most advanced application process, more quickly and more cost savings.
The Paragon -Ultra Family laser direct imaging system
The field test of Orbotech through various laser direct imaging (LDI) technology of Flip-Chip BGA, Flip-Chip CSP, BGA/CSP and module manufacturing can increase the accuracy and to ensure high yield. The Paragon-Ultra product range is designed for IC board applications, suitable for semi additive (Semi-Additive) process, modified half adding process, and carrier plate process.
The Discovery -9000 AOI system
Discovery-9000 SIP Technology models using technology for field verification, can support the minimum to 30 m line width and spacing for mass production of PCB manufacturing. The system has simple, intelligent and powerful AOI performance, which can further improve production results. For the world's best-selling AOI system, the number of installations exceeded 2000 sets.
With the support of the full integration of function (Universal Access) PerFix automatic optical maintenance (AOR) system
PerFix (Orbotech) for Orbotech automatic optical maintenance program is epoch-making, lack of treatment or excessive residual copper foil, are also equipped with a new universal access function. This new tool can quickly and easily connect inspection system Orbotech or non Orbotech produced, can save more waste. The PerFix, which supports fully integrated functions, operates as a service center, dealing with often found defects such as excessive or insufficient copper foil at the PCB production line inspection phase. PerFix achieves high accuracy, repeatable and high reliability results of production, at any time, without exception, which is impossible to achieve by manual maintenance.
The InCAM system
InCAM is a set of comprehensive and innovative CAM system, designed for high order HDI board production and IC board PCB manufacturing industry, combined with the editing and analysis function, the automatic.
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